Gynura Aurantiaca also known as Purple Velvet Plant, Purple Passion Plant


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Purple Velvet Plant, Purple Passion Plant
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ground covers

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Description : A perennial vine with velvety-purple-hairy stems and leaves, to 9 feet in containers. The orange flowers are 1 inch across look impressive on purple foliage background. The more sun it receives the richer the color. The soil should be kept moist at all times. During the winter months, we cut our plant back to within 4 nodes from the pot. This helps to keep the plant growing vigorously and helps to keep the color richer. Old growth tends to lose its color. Similar plants: • Gynura crepioides (Okinawa Spinach, Purple Spinach) • Gynura procubens (Alakaline Herb, Sambung Nyawa, Longevity Spinach)